About us

The start of 'Lot Sous Toile'

After years of wishing, planning, and dreaming of moving to France, we ended up making the move the very same week the UK voted to leave the EU. 'C'est la vie'

My family has owned our property in the Lot department, SW France, since 2001, and we have spent most summers here. We grew to love it and always craved the simpler life we could have here. We found each time we came, it was harder to leave. ​

The precursor to our move was the 10 years of raising children whilst my husband lived a high-pressured corporate existence that grated against his character. We, like many, were struggling to juggle jobs and children, were swamped with renovation work on our house, and often I felt I was raising our 2 children single-handedly because we saw so little of each other. A common story, I know.

An opportunity to take a voluntary redundancy came along for my husband, and there we were, at one of life’s cross-roads. It was a then or never moment. So we loaded up the car and a trailer and set off with a one-way ticket and a dream to create a small glamping business, Lot Sous Toile. We had talked at length over the years with my family about our ideas, but I am not sure if anyone ever really thought we would actually do it, until we left!